Participants pleased with Autumn tours

Many have become better acquainted with the Geopark this autumn, and the feedback from the public has been very positive. The open excursions have been a success with trips into both well-known and lesser-known attractions in the Geopark. Competent guides have led the tours from geological, natural historical and cultural perspectives, and have contributed to exposing existing and also relatively less familiar attractions in our local environment.

Thursday the 10th of September there was a tour to "The Castle", the local Fortress in the community of Bergsbydga. Against the backdrop of the lovely setting sun, we got to see and hear how the nature has been a resort for our ancestors, and how various stone features have provided places for offerings, homes to cavedwellers, temporary shelters and defense fortresses. The information was realistically conveyed by Geopark guide and local expert Jan Erik Tangen.

Thursday the 24th of September an interested group met for a tour of the mines in the center of Kragerø. The Dybdal mines are open to the public, after a long history previously of supplying apatite to the fertilizer industry. The history and geology was told by Geopark guide Else Bjørg Finstad and local expert Sam Lunnøe. The view from Steinmann and listening to the history of the Ice Ages and continental rebound was a fine ending to the clear autumn evening.

Saturday the 3rd of October the MS Skarfos set off from Skien out over the "ælva" river towards the Grenlands fiords. Nobody complained about the bad weather when the interesting stories, catering of food and pleasant company were hosted by Geopark guide Kjell Ivar Brynsrud down in the boat’s saloon. A breath of fresh air up on deck was also possible during the five hour long tour, and one could muse over the geology, industry, and people’s style of living and coastal culture among the islands.

The open tours are available to all who are interested in their local environment; there is no expectation of knowing any geology and the level is suited to an interested general public. The Geopark has as a main goal to view the geology from a larger perspective, where both the history, culture and nature are considered in relation to the local geology. Follow to learn about upcoming arrangements.

Gea Norvegica Geopark

Gea Norvegica Geopark is the first European Geopark in Scandinavia. It is located in southeastern Norway, in the counties of Vestfold and Telemark.

The Geopark is limited by the administrative areas of the muncipalities Kragerø, Bamble, Porsgrunn, Skien, Nome, Siljan and Larvik

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